Lighter hair like the sun did it.

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Why Sunbabe

How to Use

1. On dry or damp hair, mist and comb through.

2. Get some casual sun or apply low heat with a blowdryer for 3-4 mins.

3. See visibly lighter results after 2-3 hours and full effect by the next day.

4. Wash out at your next shower.

Tip: Not sure if you'll like it? Use the steps above to test a strand before applying!

Customer Reviews

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Meltem Unal
Beyond my expectation!

Beyond my expectation! Definitely high quality. It has never damaged my hair. I'm about to order the 2nd bottle.

Allie Dooley
love this spray!

as someone whose always wanted lighter hair but never wanted to dye due to the upkeep and maintenance, i decided to give this a try. 2 years later i am still using it! i think i’m on my 3rd or 4th bottle so they last quite a while. the spray is super effective in the sunlight, especially in the tropical sun. i start to use it during the spring months, and mostly when on vacation. but i still even use it during the winter as my roots start to grow in, and just blow dry it and straighten it after spraying. a few rounds of that and it works just as well for upkeep. i also notice it sets in a bit more after a shower, so i always make sure to wash before doing another round of spraying to ensure i like the color. it doesn’t smell wonderful, but for the results and the price that is a nonissue for me. i’ll continue buying!

Amazing product that don't damage my hair !! ♡

Love it !! I received so much compliments for how looks my hair. I started to used this product in the beggining of summer but I wish that my hair looks like this the whole year.
I never change the color of my hair, I didn't took risk for use products that damage my natural color. I'm very happy, my hair looks shiny and beautiful.
I was blonde when I was a child but grow darker step by step with years. Sadly !!
My natural color now is brunette/ medium brown.( First picture). The product works really quick,in my own experience works even better with the sun, I tried with the hair dryer but don't looks in the same way.

Adena Wilson
Amazing Products for Quick Results

After one day of use and being in the sun I already saw a huge difference in the color of my hair. I would really recommend this product for someone who wants to lighten their hair and get quick results.

Danielle Dekel
Life changing and cheap!

Got over 60+ compliments on my hair. How nice and natural the colour looks!