Lighter hair like
the sun did it.

Join 140,000+ customers for effortless, sunkissed results.

Lighter hair like the sun did it.

Join 140,000+ customers for effortless, sunkissed results.

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Not to be dramatic, but this product changed my life

I wish I were exaggerating when I say that a hair product has so much power, but this one really did it for me.
Since I was a teenager, I've used other hair lighteners like sun-in, the sun bum brand, and just lemon juice, which I used to think were all good ways to lighten my hair in the summer, but they always ended up turning orange and nasty. For reference, I have dark dirty blonde hair that looks like an ashy, mousy brown sometimes.
Last summer, I sprayed this Sunbabe on my hair and combed it through twice a week for 2-3 weeks. My hair completely transformed into a dreamy, dimensional, beachy blonde that I don't think hair dye could have ever achieved. It looked so natural that people didn't recognize me and a year later I still get more compliments on my hair color than I ever had before.
I am only now ordering this again because my hair has grown out and I'm craving that perfect sunkissed touch now. THANK YOU SUNBABE <333

Tiffany T.

I really didn’t expect this to work so well, but wow, so impressed. Lightens hair (no orange, even on darker hair), including grey hair. Very gentle and makes hair feel softer. Highly recommend!

Natural highlights

I love this product and am ordering another bottle. I wanted something to help lighten my roots after bayalage/highlights grew out. It did the trick and turned my hair a beautiful natural strawberry blonde.


10/10! Bought this like 2 years ago and am re ordering. My hair is a completely different color and I didn’t have to pay a bunch!

10/10 saving me thousands

We are on a strict budget and I couldn’t get my hair done anymore! I also just don’t have the time to go to the salon either. I thought I was resigned to a life of mousy hair but then I found this. I really didn’t have much hope but figured it was worth trying. I bought the spray, mask and oil to make sure I got the best results possible. The before and after pictures speak for themselves! This is after one bottle. My hair is also way less damaged than it would be if I got it bleached at the salon. I also bought some highly pigmented purple shampoo regularly and used the platinum Kristin Ess Gloss once to cool it down a bit. I’ll be buying more to keep up with my roots.