Blonding Bundle

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Lighten. Tone. Soften and Shine.

Limited-time bundle featuring all three - Solar Hair Lightener, Blue Tea Toning Mask, and Ultraviolet Hair Oil. If you've been waiting, this is your sign.

A trio of intuitive and convenient hair products to effortlessly lighten, tone, and condition your hair, for lighter, softer locks. 

Enjoy free shipping on this bundle as well as our lilac baby tote. Quantity limited.

Solar Hair Lightener

What it is: A gentle-yet-effective hair lightener.

What it does: Our formula gradually lightens hair 2-3 shades for shimmery, natural-looking highlights. Blonde hair lightens and brightens, and dark hair reveals lighter caramel tones.


  • Lightens all hair types and colours
  • Creates soft highlights with no harsh lines
  • Heat-activated
  • Non-drying formula

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Blue Tea Toning Mask

What it is: A cool-toning hair mask featuring natural toning pigment from butterfly pea flower.

What it does: Tones away unwanted warmth in conditioning form, for soft and cool-toned hair. 


  • Neutralizes brass from red and orange undertones
  • Leaves hair soft and cool-toned
  • Best for light brown hair and darker

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Ultraviolet Hair Oil

What it is:  A clear hair oil that is lightweight and silicone-free.

What it does: Softens and conditions while providing lightweight slip and shine. Made with ingredients that are lightweight to condition without weighing down your natural hair texture. Hair is soft, shiny, and protected while being the best version of itself.


  • Softens and conditions
  • Provides slip and shine to hair
  • Lightweight
  • Non-staining and non-browning
  • Silicone Free, Residue Free

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